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Freedom complete delivery for Shijiazhuang airport project


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Published time:2017-12-23

The company cooperated with China Construction Eighth Engineering Co., Ltd. in December 2012, and completed supply for Shijiazhuang International Airport with floor built-in air conditioner.

In July 2012, the National Development and Reform Commission gave official reply to the proposal for the project of reconstruction and extension project of Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport. The reconstruction and extension project of Shijiazhuang Airport will meet the target design of 13500000 passengers throughput and 160000 tons goods throughput in 2020, the main construction contents are: modifying part of taxiways and airfield lighting system in airfield area, newly build T2 airport terminal of 130000 m2, station site for 31 airplane positions, air traffic control and other facilities.

Shijiazhuang Airport hub project is located within the area enclosed by Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao highway, Beijing-Guangdong dedicated passenger way.

The Shijiazhuang Airport hub project is mainly divided into two parts according to plan, one part is the airport station integrated hub station body part, and the other part is external traffic part. Of which the planned address of airport station integrated hub station body part is located at southeast side of Zhengding airport and is planned to be constructed together with high-speed rail station.

The floor space of airport station integrated hub station body part is estimated to be about 160000 m2, and the total building area is estimated to be about 65000 m2 (of which the currently designed high-speed rail station is a intermediate terminal in the airport station hub area for Beijing-Shijiazhuang dedicated passenger way, the building area is about 10000 m2). The overall style of hub is beautiful, uniform and modernized, which will become the new landmark in the Zhengding airport area. The plan proposes that 5 km airport fast channel shall be formed between Beijing-Zhuhai Express and main access road, it is overhead form and with bidirectional 6 lanes. One subway line shall be designed here, which will pass high-speed rail airport station and airport terminal area. Two stations will be set in the station and airport terminal, to meet demands of passengers for reaching two transportation interchange points, i.e. high-speed rail station and airport terminal.

Currently, the main body project of T2 airport terminal for Shijiazhuang Airport has been completed, the internal decoration is under construction, and the project will be completed and used at the end of this year. In addition, the access road between Beijing-Shijiazhuang high-speed rail Shijiazhuang Zhengding airport station to airport terminal is entering final stage.

According to information, after opening up of Beijing-Shijiazhuang High-speed rail at the end of this year, the express way will be put into operation officially. As there is no level crossing for express way of airport and common road, especially viaduct is adopted in the area accessing Shijiazhuang airport. Then passengers can travel by express bus after getting off Beijing-Shijiazhuang High-speed rail, and they can reach new terminal of Shijiazhuang airport within 10 minutes to take airplane, which is very convenient.

Freedom (Zhengzhou) Industrial Co., Ltd. always hold on to innovation spirit, and is ahead of radiator field. The cooperation with Shijiazhuang airport demonstrates strength of Freedom, and also adds high-quality and comfortable environment for Shijiazhuang airport.