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Freedom has passed CE test for their trench heating


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Published time:2017-12-23

Currently,our trench heating has passed CE test and traded with EU country.Both our trench heating&cooling convectors and our fresh air trench heating&cooling convectors have been adopted in EU's Govenment Office.

The biggest advantage with a trench system would be that they are economically friendly and energy efficient to run.It can be used as main(primary) or supplementary heating terminal.And  the deepth of our fan assisted trench heating can be 75mm height.All tench convectors are custom made to fit any lenth of application.

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Item: CE certificate LVD(Low  Voltage Directive);CE certificated  EMC(Electromagnetic Compatibility).

Our fan assisted convector and trench heating convector without fan have also passed CE test.

Another good news is from now on,July 19th,you can enjoy more favorable price for our nature convector(trench heating without fan).

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