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Freedom customized air conditioning terminal and radiating facilities can satisfy building space with comfort, high efficient and operational economic needs.

Freedom series of products are widely used in air conditioning or heating fields for commercial buildings, public buildings, civil buildings, industrial factory buildings and other architectures.

Freedom devotes itself to forging perfect and comfort indoor environment for customers with technology, and forging internationally advanced products for customers with design.

□ You can directly select in the following table according to your needs, Freedom will recommend suitable products according to your detailed needs, and you can also browse products according to classification of type or classification of construction applications.


You just need to select corresponding conditions, and we will provide you with the product you needed with high accuracy.

Select installation position:
  • Floor
  • Ceiling
  • Wall hanging
  • Floor type
Select heating mode:
  • Central heating system
  • Individual heating system
  • Central air conditioning system


Commercial buildings

  • Office and commercial space
  • Hotel
  • Greenhouse

Public buildings

  • Airport
  • Convention center
  • Hospital
  • School

Residential buildings

  • Villa
  • Residential building
  • Apartment

Industrial buildings

  • Industrial factory buildings

You can browse our products by product guide at the left side area of the page.

Product and price information

Please contact us if you need price, specification or other information.